jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Unit 4 Portfolio

My favorite film
My favorite film is Batman: the dark knight because is very exciting and my favorite character is batman because is the hero but  also i like flash because is very very fast.
This movie is very well done and have one of the worst enemies than a hero can fight with: Joker.
The joker is a very clever villain and has no fear to batman and almost defeat him.
I like very much the things Batman has to fight with his enemies like his armour, his car, his plane and all the gadgets he uses than a lot of times surprise me and save his life.
This is the second film in a three film serie that begun with Batman Begins and ended with The Dark Knight Rises but for me this is the better of all.
I have seen only one of the films in the cinema, the last one, the others i was very young to see them and i have seen at home.

Resultado de imagen de batman el caballero oscuro jokerResultado de imagen de batman the dark knight

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